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What is Auto Insurance?

  • To protect against financial loss in the event of an accident
  • To cover the injuries and damages caused by an accident and you are legally responsible
  • To cover the repairing cost of your damaged vehicle

Why do I need an Auto Insurance?

  • A minimum amount of Auto Insurance is required in most States
  • You are required to provide proof of your Auto Insurance
  • Auto accidents can happen even to the best drivers. Insurance can help to protect you and cover the damages

How to save money on auto insurance?

  • Review your auto insurance annually
  • PHP will help you to get a great price to save money on your auto insurance

What is the coverage I need to purchase?

  • Find out the minimum coverage required by law under your State
  • Consider buying more liability that the State requirements

What happen if my liability is greater than the coverage of my auto insurance?

  • Consider buying an umbrella policy

Why choose PHP Insurance Services?

  • Great protection at great price with multiple choices
  • Extensive experience, utterly reliable
  • High quality services and support 24/7

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