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What is Commercial Insurance?

  • The three main types of commercial insurance are liability insurance, property insurance and workers’ compensation insurance

Why Is Commercial Insurance Important?

  • Commercial insurance will protect your company from severe financial loss and can be the difference between going under and staying afloat in the case of damages or a lawsuit. Without it, you risk going out of business


  • It’s best to work with PHP Insurance Agent who has extensive experience in commercial coverage. The agent will discuss specific losses that are common within your industry and present a proposal for coverage options based on your business


  • Commercial claims are more complex than individual claims, so fast assessment is crucial, especially in high-cost liability claims. Avoid handling claims yourself, rather than reporting them to your agent immediately

How to choose Business Insurane?

  • One of the persons who is likely to be a constant in your business development is your PHP Insurance Agent. We will be able to advise you on the type of insurance that you need

Why choose PHP Insurance Services?

  • Great protection at great price with multiple choices
  • Extensive experience, utterly reliable
  • High quality services and support 24/7

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