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What is Health Insurance?

  • To pay a portion of medical expenses
  • The average cost of a three-day hospital stay is nearly $30,000
  • Over half of bankruptcies are related to medical expenses

What Does Health Insurance Cover?

  • Visits to doctors, Emergency services, Medical services, Hospital stay, Prescription drugs,... with cost sharing

Health Insurance Covers Prescription Drugs:

  • Without health insurance, you probably can’t afford prescription drugs
  • With health insurance, a small co-payment is usually all that’s necessary to purchase a prescription drug

Choosing the Best Health Insurance Plan:

  • Make sure your health insurance plan covers the prescription drugs you need
  • As medical costs continue to soar, health insurance is more important than ever
  • PHP will help you to find out your best plan

Choose between HMO and PPO

  • HMOs are generally cheaper, but PPOs offer greater flexibility

Why choose PHP Insurance Services?

  • Great protection at great price with multiple choices
  • Extensive experience, utterly reliable
  • High quality services and support 24/7

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