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FAQs - Emergencies

Following are a series of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers about emergencies or losses.

Q: What should I do if I have a loss?



  • Report the loss to your insurance agent as soon as possible, providing the date of loss and description.
  • Take photos or videotape of the damage.
  • Keep records of your expenses for emergency or temporary repairs. Separate the damaged items from the undamaged items. The insurance company adjuster will want to inspect the damaged items, so don't dispose of them without the adjuster's consent.
  • Make a detailed list of all damaged or lost property, including when and where they were purchased. If possible, provide the original receipts for each item.
  • Obtain estimates for repairs and/or replacement of the damaged or missing items. Should the loss involve theft or vandalism, contact your police department immediately.

Auto / Car

  • When possible, report the accident to the presiding police department and forward a copy of the report to your agent.
  • Contact your agent, providing the date of accident and details surrounding the incident. Obtain a written estimate for damages from the body shop of your choice.
  • You will be contacted by your insurance company to make arrangements for an inspection of your vehicle. No repairs should be made without the insurance company's authorization.

General Liability

  • Contact your agent, providing the date, time, description of the incident, names and addresses of all injured parties and/or owners of property damage. Also, provide names and addresses of any witnesses.
  • Should you be served with suit papers or any other legal document, forward them immediately to your agent.

Workers' Compensation

  • Provide for immediate medical services as required by workers' compensation law.
  • Contact your agent for claim reporting procedures. You will need to provide the date, address, and Social Security number of the employee, nature of the injury, etc.
  • Upon notification of the claim, the insurance company will contact you with further instructions.
  • Note: If the claim involves a death, be sure to file OSHA reports within eight hours.

Q: What to do in case of an auto accident?

A. If anyone is injured, immediately render any possible first aid assistance and call emergency services.

Exchange name, address, and insurance information with the driver of the other car. Record the following information: date, time, and place of accident, name, and address of the owner of the other car, if different from driver 's Social Security number and driver's license number, names, and addresses of passengers and witnesses, the license number of the other car and the cars of witnesses. Report the accident to the nearest police station and file any necessary reports. Cooperate fully with the police, but do not make any admissions about your liability. Don't sign any statements for anyone other than an authorized representative of your insurance company. Promptly report the claim to your agent.

Note: If you plan to travel by car in Canada or Mexico, check with your agent for insurance requirements.

Q: What to Do in Case of a Property Claim?

A. If anyone is injured, immediately render any possible first aid assistance and call emergency services. Take appropriate steps to avoid further damage to the property. Promptly report the claim to your insurance agent.