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Inland Marine Insurance

What is Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland Marine insurance generally covers property that is movable or transportable in nature. It is often used to cover property that needs broader protection than what may be provided by the typical Business Owners Policy.

Whether you are working off-site, shipping or transporting goods, or need coverage on contracting equipment, State Farm Commercial Inland Marine insurance should be part of your overall plan. We can help you meet your unique coverage needs by endorsing it onto your State Farm Business Owners Policy, or issue a separate policy on an annual or short-term basis.

What is Covered?

We offer coverage for various classes of property:

  • Mobile tools and equipment for artisan contractors from machinery to hand tools
  • Installation coverage for equipment you install at a customer's premise
  • Commercially used photo equipment and musical instruments
  • Fine Art Dealer/Gallery coverage
  • Dealers Service coverage for property and equipment contractors/installers are responsible for during installation, servicing, or repair.
  • Vending machine coverage for vending machines located at premises you do not own
  • Transportation coverage for property shipped by or to you via common carriers
  • Motor Truck Cargo coverage for customers' property transported by you in your truck
  • Trip Transit for one-time shipment of goods/property
  • Veterinarian coverage for animals belonging to others while in the custody of the Veterinarian
  • Animal coverage for animals belonging to others while in the custody of a non-veterinary animal-related business
  • Cellular communication towers
  • Billboards