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Mobile Home Insurance


What is a Manufactured Home?

Commonly known as a mobile home, manufactured homes are assembled in a factory. After assembly, manufactured homes are delivered to a location for installation.

What Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

Similar to single family home insurance, manufactured home insurance covers your home, personal property, and liability claims. These two types of coverage are Physical Structure and Liability.

  • Physical structure
    Physical damage may occur from natural and human sources. This can include fire, hail, theft, and vandalism. Typically repairs and replacement are covered by your manufactured home policy. Additional structures on the lot (patio and garages) are likely covered. Policies with these “named perils” have lower premiums. One difference between manufactured home and single family residence insurance is the manufactured home policy does not cover flooding or transit to site.
  • Liability
    Typical manufactured home policies will include liability coverage. This coverage will cover damage some else’s property or if a guest is injured at your home. The policy will not cover family members injured on the property. If a family member damages a neighbor’s home, it will be covered.

Other Considerations

The main types of manufactured home policies are replacement cost, actual cash value, and stated amount (aka agreed value policy; max amount you’ll receive if the home is destroyed)

If you make your home safer you may potentially lower your insurance premiums. How do you do this? Meet HUD’s Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards Code, add insulation to your pipes to avoid frozen damage, and use tie downs/ground anchors to secure your manufactured home.