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Individual Dental & Vision Insurance


Anthem dental plans

  • Anthem offers a variety of individual and family dental plan options to fit your needs and budget. These plans include:

    • Dental Prime for individuals and families
    • Anthem Dental Blue
    • Dental Select HMO
  • Anthem has one of the largest dental preferred provider organization (PPO) networks in the country. Plus, it works with in-network dentists to get deep discounts for you. By seeing an in-network dentist, you can save an average of 25% to 32% on covered dental services.

Blue View Vision plans

You can add Blue View Vision benefits to your dental plan. These plans feature:

  • A broad, convenient group of national providers — Blue View Vision providers include more than 36,000 private practice doctors at over 27,000 locations. This includes online choices through 1-800 CONTACTS® in addition to the nation's leading retail stores like LensCrafters®, Sears Optical®, Target Optical® and JCPenney® Optical.
  • A complete picture of your health between your eye doctor and your primary care doctor — when you have a medical plan with us, every time you get care through our network, it becomes part of your health history. With Blue View Vision, your network eye doctor can access your health history information — including patient summaries, diagnoses, lab results and prescriptions. They can also securely share relevant eye health information back to your primary care doctor, while protecting your personal information. This approach helps all of your doctors in the network gain a better understanding of your whole health — leading to better, more holistic care.
  • "Add-ons" at no extra charge — factory scratch coating on eyeglass lenses is included at no extra cost. Transitions® and polycarbonate lenses for children younger than 19 can be added at no extra cost.
  • Discounts for other "add-ons" — includes Transitions lenses for adults at a fixed price, as well as tiered pricing for premium progressive lenses and premium anti-reflective coatings. This cuts down on your out-of-pocket costs.
  • Value-added savings — including 15% to 40% off on unlimited purchases of most extra pairs of eye wear, conventional contact lenses, lens treatments, specialized lenses and various accessories — even after you've used all your covered benefits.


Dental PPO Plan Benefits

  • No waiting period for diagnostic or preventive services.
  • Covered diagnostic and preventive services, such as X-rays and routine cleanings, do not count toward the annual coverage limit for dental PPO and Specialty Duo dental plans, providing more coverage for other services before reaching the annual limit.
  • A wide range of dental benefits, including most diagnostic and preventive services and oral cancer screening, at no additional cost when using a dental network provider.
  • Implants coverage available in our dental PPO plans with a $1,250 calendar-year benefit maximum.
  • Orthodontic benefits are available for both children and adults.
  • Choice of $25 or $50 deductible per member, per calendar year.
  • Choice of a $500, $1,000 or $1,250 calendar-year benefit maximum per member.
  • Coverage even when your clients use a non-network dentist. Our plan reimburses your clients up to an allowed amount for covered services, and your clients pay the remaining balance of the total billed charges.

Dental HMO plan benefits

  • A wide range of dental benefits, including most diagnostic and preventive services at no additional cost.
  • No deductibles and no calendar-year maximums.
  • Orthodontic services available with or without a 12-month waiting period, for both children and adults.
  • Affordable fixed copayments for basic and major services.
  • Specialty care available with a referral from a primary dentist.

Vision Coverage

  • Blue Shield's vision plans are a smart choice to complement your clients' medical coverage. Regular eye exams can lead to earlier treatment and better health outcomes.
  • Blue Shield's vision plans offer access to more than 7,000 providers in California and 30,500 ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians nationwide.
  • In addition to providing your clients access to one of the largest vision care provider networks in California, our vision plans offer access to major retail chains, including Costco (warehouse, membership required), Walmart (wholesale) and LensCrafters, and independent eye care providers.
  • In fact, clients may purchase their contact lenses online with no claim forms or paperwork at comparable – and in many cases – lower costs than major online lens retailers.
  • Your clients may also choose between network or non-network vision providers, though they will have the greatest savings staying in network.


With Cigna there is more to smile about.

You get flexible benefits and premium levels to meet your needs and budget, plus:

  • Access to over 89,000 in-network dental providers in our Cigna DPPO Advantage Network
  • Nearly 200,000 office locations across the nation.
  • No referral needed to see a specialist.
  • 15% discount on monthly premiums for any additional family members on the plan.
  • Available for all ages, including those 65 and older.
  • No application or processing fees.
  • No waiting period for Class I services. If you have had dental insurance for more than a year, you may be eligible to waive the waiting period for Class II, III and IV services so you won't have to wait for benefits to begin.
  • No need to submit claims when you use a Cigna DPPO Advantage Network provider.
  • 24/7 live customer service at 800.Cigna24
  • Online access with You can view bills and claims online, anytime – and make a payment, too.
  • Mobile access on the go. Find a dentist, check coverage and show your ID card with the myCigna Mobile App.